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“The ultimate goal for me and the other peer ambassadors is to take a stand against bullying.  We are all working towards making the victim feel safe and letting the bully think about what they were just doing.”-
Sheridan Schaefer, GAB Peer Ambassador




The Upstander symbol was thoughtfully designed to be able to be recognized immediately, and nationwide, as an Upstander to bullying. If a student is an Upstander and displays the symbol on their belongings, bullies will think twice before acting out because of the upstanding support that is present. GAB strives to create an army of student Upstanders throughout the nation to help end bullying.


Who is GAB?
Generations Against Bullying (GAB) is a unique anti-bullying organization providing services and programs to children, parents, schools, churches, and communities throughout Wisconsin, to help them understand the bullying and cyberbullying epidemic.

GAB believes the answers to the bullying epidemic lie within the hearts of all citizens in the community. Our programs are structured around the fact that each and every child and adult are beautiful, and an integral piece in the fabric of society. We are all woven together, and we must stand together to change the culture of learning. Our programming revolves around the idea of becoming an Upstander.

The act of being an Upstander is heroic. It is not suggested or expected by society. It takes incredible courage and strength. It is a sign of greatness. It is an act of love. Historic figures of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Mahatma Ghandi made their mark on history through acting as Upstanders motivated by love of others. GAB seeks to inspire communities and cultivate future leaders through a message of love. Becoming an Upstander is an act of love that our world is in great need of. Generations Against Bullying was founded and exists to share a message of love through various programs held in our communities and within our schools.

Our programs include: our Speakers program where guest speakers give inspiring, educational, and impactful presentations, Community Movie Night Events where the community gathers to view a powerful 54-minute movie that GAB has rights to called “Bully” with Anderson Cooper, and our Peer Ambassador Upstander Program which trains, inspires, and motivates students to be Upstanders in their school and community.

All of us contain an extraordinary ability to change the world, and GAB strives to be a platform to tap into the inherent yearnings of love and cooperation through being Upstanders.

Join us on our mission to spread awareness about the bullying and cyberbullying epidemic, educate the community on this crucial issue, and inspire others to become Upstanders in society. Helps us change the culture of learning!

What are the goals of GAB Peer Ambassadors?
Work together to help change the culture of learning in their school and community

Become educated about the bullying and cyberbullying epidemic

Be trained on how to be an Upstander, a peer role model, and how to inspire their peers to be the same

Work towards reducing and preventing bullying and cyberbullying for the next generation

Hold open and impactful discussion about bullying and cyberbulling

Provide a leadership role by participating and contributing their ideas in a peer group setting

Encompass a mentality of “for the students, by the students”

Inspire and recruit others to join the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Movement

Attend monthly meetings and GAB events

Create and execute events, projects, and fundraising ideas

Learn to work towards goals resulting in an overall better experience in school

Make a positive and long-lasting impact on your school

Be an Upstander in their school and community, not a bystander

Evoke change and make a difference in their school and community

Empathizes with a younger generation of struggling victims

Give presentations at GAB monthly meetings regarding related topics

What Are The Benefits of Being a Peer Ambassador?
Learn crucial social tools and life skills

Identity-building, team-building, self-empowerment,

Build self-confidence and self-esteem

Learn how to better problem-solve

Become a better speaker and learn how to put together and execute presentations

Obtain volunteer hours

Put GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program credentials on college applications and resume

Be a part of a precedent for the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program that strives to be in every school nationwide

Be a leader, mentor, role model, and empowered individual

Opportunity to be on the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Board of Directors

Opportunity to be on a GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Committee

Qualify for college scholarships

What Are The Peer Ambassador Qualifications?
Excellent communications skills

Ability to work with a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff

Capacity for discretion, diplomacy, and confidentiality

Demonstrate a record of leadership, maturity, and academic excellence

Be open-minded, understanding, empathetic, and be resourceful

Willing to participate in conversation, presentations, projects, events, and tasks

Willing to represent GAB in a positive light and take pride in being a Peer Ambassador in school, at events, and in the community

Maintain a GPA of 2.5

Prior experience as a peer advisor, orientation leader, tutor or participating in student outreach programs is a plus

Ready to Become a peer Ambassador?

Congratulations! Applying to become an official Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Volunteer is an admirable and brave move.

Generations Against Bullying just requires you to share the below letter with your parent or legal guardian.

When home, please share this page and the below approval letter with your parent or legal guardian. You can also text or email them the direct page link:

Ask them to review the letter and complete the electronic form approval below and it will be sent directly to the Executive Director of Generations Against Bullying.

Prefer the old fashioned way? You can open and print the approval letter here


1: Letter to Parents (Read Me)
Dear Parent/Guardian of our future GAB Peer Ambassador.

You must be so proud!

Your child has made a wonderful choice to join the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program.

What does that mean?

Being a GAB Peer Ambassador not only means that your child has something very credible to put on his or her college applications but, they have chosen to become a leader, role model, and an upstander in their school and community.

What’s an Upstander?

An Upstander is somebody who recognizes a bullying or cyberbullying problem and interjects the situation in a positive, effective, and non-threatening way. YOUR child will contribute to the change that needs to be made to help solve this increasing and devastating bullying epidemic. Your child will be provided with the necessary training tools and skills needed to successfully be a Peer Ambassador. He or she will act as a leader, resource, mentor, and inspiration to their peers.

Being a GAB Upstander Peer Ambassador will be a positive life-changing opportunity for your child during their high school experience. We are extremely happy to have your child join us on our mission to develop and execute the best anti-bullying program there is to implement into every school nationwide.

Join us as we change the culture of learning in our schools and to create a healthy, positive, and comfortable environment for our students.

Please feel free to visit to learn additional information about Generations Against Bullying, and go to the top of this page for more on the GAB Peer Ambassador Program, the benefits of being an Upstander Peer Ambassador, Qualifications to being an Upstander Peer Ambassador, and what an Upstander Peer Ambassador does.

It’s important for parents to be involved in their child’s life and school. Therefore, as a parent/guardian of a GAB Upstander Peer Ambassador, we at the GAB team would greatly appreciate if you review the Upstander Peer Ambassador Program and submit your approval below. We want you as a GAB Upstander Peer Ambassador parent/guardian to understand who GAB is, what GAB does, and what your child does as an Upstander Peer Ambassador.

For more information, please feel free to visit GABNOW.ORG or reach out to us.



Linda Lee

Sahara DeVore 414-315-4034

Jim Dean 920-410-3039

2: Parent Agreement (Read Me)
As a parent/guardian of a GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Volunteer…

I have reviewed the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program. I understand and support Generations Against Bullying and the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program. With the submission of the GAB Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Application, I agree to and approve of my child being a GAB Peer Ambassador and to make a positive impact at school and in the community.

3: Application Instructions and Options
Complete and Send and send the below electronic approval form.

Prefer the old fashioned way? Please click here: Parent Letter and Approval Form to open, print, sign and follow the mail or delivery options included.

Peer Ambassador Upstander Program Application


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