GAB Recognized by Charity Oversight Groups

GABs growth and community support has launched us into the national stratosphere. Recently we have been recognized by national charity oversight groups and

We have to thank these organizations as well as our volunteer staff, peer ambassadors and our thousands of supporters for helping us develop one of the premier anti-bullying organizations in the nation.

We still need your support

Additional national charity oversight groups including Charity Watch, Charity Navigator and have also shown interest in including Generations Against Bullying.

With a contribution goal of 1 million dollars, not only will these groups recognize and support our goals but we can we target anti-bullying programs for communities and schools nation wide.

How can you help us reach our goal? Donate, volunteer, and spread the good word about GAB and the various programs we have available to help stop bullying for communities.

The future is bright for Generations Against Bullying and your support is what makes it all happen.

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