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Who is GAB?

GAB is a non-profit organization that formed after two bomb threats in two consecutive years in a row at a high school. Our mission is to help create a healthier and safer learning environment. GAB differentiates from other anti-bullying non-profits in several ways. The main way for differentiation is that we are a more hands-on and accessible organization that aims to provide immediate resources and efforts to those in need. GAB has created effective programs including the Peer Ambassador Program and the Community Movie Night Event to spread awareness, create community Upstanders, and provide resources. GAB’s ultimate goal is work alongside each and every school throughout the nation to create a healthier and safer learning environment for everyone. GAB strives to “Change the Culture of Learning”.

What is an Upstander School?

What is an Upstander school? An Upstander school is a school that supports and encourages students to be upstanders. Schools can be an Upstander School in several ways. Schools can purchase and display GABS “Upstander School” sign on their front doors, display GAB Upstander posters throughout the hallways and classrooms, purchase and distribute Upstander stickers for book covers and folders, purchase Upstander magnets for lockers, purchase Upstander bracelets, clothing and other items to sell in their school store such as Upstander T-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats, or even integrate a GAB Peer Ambassador Program. The Upstander symbol was thoughtfully designed to be able to be recognized immediately, and nationwide, as an Upstander to bullying. If a school is an Upstander School or a student is an Upstander and displays the symbol on their belongings, bullies will think twice before acting out because of the upstanding support that is present.

What is an Upstander?

An upstander is someone that stands up to a bully in a non-threatening way, ultimately ending a bullying situation. Studies have shown that if a bystander becomes an upstander, the bullying will stop 85% of the time within 10 seconds. By teaching students to be upstanders, it puts the power to significantly reduce bullying into their hands in a positive and more effective manner. Commonly, parents, teachers and administrators are the last to know about a bullying or cyber-bullying situation until it is too late, which can lead to bullycide (suicide as a direct result of bullying). Through empowerment, confidence, and support, students can learn to become upstanders which subsequently creates a safer, healthier, and more comfortable learning environment for all. This can ultimately lead to academic and attendance improvements.

What is the GAB Peer Ambassador Program?

GAB has created a one-of-a-kind program that helps to inform, teach, prepare, and train students to be Upstanders in their school and community. Beginning with high school, GAB worked closely with students at a local high school to design a curriculum consisting of ten lesson plans to be spread over one school year. It is an after-school program that is available to any student that wants to be involved. Current and past students have shared various reasons for their interest and for wanting to be a GAB Peer Ambassador and an Upstander in their school. This program was the number one activity with sign-ups by incoming freshman among all after-school clubs, and other school organizations. It has been the fastest growing club at the high school, making a clear statement for a need and desire for a program that addresses this issue. This program puts the effective tools and positive power into the hands of the students to stand up to bullies and to positively address bullying situations. The Peer Ambassadors influence and inspire other grades to be Upstanders too. This program is run by Peer Ambassadors at the monthly meetings which are supervised by an adult GAB team member. Our Peer Ambassadors have even been reached out to by parents for advice and resources. The Peers Ambassadors stay active in spreading the Upstander message through school and community presentations, community events, parades, GAB events, media appearances, and participate in the Wisconsin Association of Student Councils, Community Movie Night Events, and much more!

GAB encourages YOU to be an Upstander School in any of these ways! Show your support for putting an end to bullying and by supporting Upstanders in your school and community. Please contact us for more information or with any questions.

How Do We Become a Certified Peer Ambassador School?

All you need to do is contact Generations Against Bullying. We will provide a complete program introduction, training, collateral materials and ongoing support.

All that’s left to do now is to contact us complete the easy enrollment process and we will be there every step of the way for you.

What is the Cost to Become a Certified GAB Peer Ambassador School?

GAB’s Intent to help its schools is providing a means of pay for the student curriculums by providing schools help through Upstander exclusive programs.

Schools, GAB has the financial support in our fundraising resource tools that provide you with the funds to do more with. More importantly, UP to 400% more than traditional fundraising options.

A healthy alternative to Candy and Cookie Dough Sales, these products lower distribution of sugary foods. These products  are selected to bring students and school life lessons we can all live with and have more fun in fundraising challenges to students.

Each fundraising event is up to you to begin anytime you wish, or as part of the GAB registered schools abroad working together at the same time

Our Upstander Fun Funding programs lead your efforts towards 100% successful fundraising. Our way to help start-to-finish in student engagement programs that more than raise money, helps us all in teaching character.

Up to 400% more money per Fundraising unit sold is enough of a reason, even more reason by the lessons learned.

The Upstander Symbol


The Upstander symbol was thoughtfully designed to be able to be recognized immediately, and nationwide, as an Upstander to bullying. If a school is an Upstander School or a student is an Upstander and displays the symbol on their belongings, bullies will think twice before acting out because of the upstanding support that is present. GAB strives to turn every school throughout the nation into an Upstander School.

Peer Ambassador School

Collateral Package

Upstander School Decal
Upstander School Decal

Official Upstander School Decal


Upstander decals for all the school entrances. Show your students, parents and community that your school stands-up against bullying in a positive, non-confrontational way by displaying your “Upstander School” window decal on entry doors.

GAB wristbands

Upstander Wristbands


A pack of 100 Upstander Logo Wristbands

All Hail the Bully
Just Kidding
Chicks Dig Insecure Guys
Date a Bully

Poster Set


These Posters are perfect for displaying in and around your school.

Be Strong Speak Up
Make Your Voice Heard
 Words Have Stopping Power

Motivational Posters


A pack of 15 Peer Ambassador Anti-Bullying Motivational Quotes Posters. This GAB Poster Set was designed by the Badder Rutter Ad Agency and actually won them some international awards! By displaying your posters, you remind everyone that you are an anti-bullying school while also encouraging students to get involved.




GAB GEAR allows your faculty and students to show your community that you are “Upstanders” and stand together with Generations Against Bullying to stop bullying. The GAB GEAR store features trendy t-shirts, pins and wristbands for everyone. Of course, 100% of GAB GEAR store profits goes towards school and community ant-bullying education, programs and events.


Lesson Plans

10 lesson plans (includes video links) for Peer Ambassador monthly meetings during the school year.


In-House Training

Provided for all school staff of your choice featuring a professional overview of the Peer Ambassador Program.


Staff Directory

An official GAB staff directory


Official Upstander Magnets

A Pack of 25 Upstander Magnets


No Stereotyping Posters

A pack of 12 Peer Ambassador No Stereotyping Motivational Quotes Posters


Evaluation Forms

Peer Ambassador Initial Evaluation Form, Program Evaluation Forms and End-of-Year Evaluation Forms allow you and your peers to provide comments that us help improve.



Make a life-saving donation that will help us continue empowering children through our unique programs.

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