GAB Addresses Youth at Confirmations

January 10th, 2018

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Jefferson, WI, in conjunction with St. Luke’s Church in Rome, invited GAB to make a presentation to their confirmation classes and their parents. What an enthusiastic turnout!

About 75 people joined in a lively discussion about bullying and were introduced to the upstander concept. Linda Lee and James Dean engaged the students in interactive activities about eliminating negativity in their lives by filling their “life buckets” with the good things they like to do.

James said, “If you fill your lives with the positive activities you like, there will be no room for the negative influences to bring you down.”

GAB speaker Michael Turner fired up the room with a lively discussion about choices. He encouraged the kids to make good choices not only for their own success, but because we need them to become our future leaders. Michael said we are all Americans, and we need to pull together as a community and a country by helping each other, so that everyone has a chance to succeed.

Special thanks to Pastor Dave Zandt for inviting us and showing such wonderful hospitality.

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Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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