Dean Buss, GAB Peer Ambassador - Class of '17

Dean Buss, GAB Peer Ambassador
Greendale High School – Class of ’17

Generations Against Bullying was one of the seven organizations, clubs, and accomplishments required for graduating Seniors to receive the Valedictorian Gold Medal at Greendale High School this year!

The graduates were adorned with teal cords for being a GAB Peer Ambassador throughout their high school years.

Congrats Peer Ambassadors!

GAB is so proud of you!

Thank you for being an Upstander!

Ashley Boston, GAB Peer Ambassador - Class of '17

Ashley Boston, GAB Peer Ambassador
Greendale High School – Class of ’17

I graduated on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 from Greendale High School.

During my ceremony I was honored to be able to wear a student council stole and 3 honor cords that placed emphasis and awareness on the things I was involved in at Greendale High School.

I wore a Teal cord that represented my involvement with Generations against Bullying (GAB). I wore that cord with pride because it represented to my classmates, friends and families that I was an “Upstander” and proud to be one. Although the information regarding what each colored cord stood for was written in our graduation program, I was still asked what each cord stood for. I would always explain my teal one first, “it means that I am an ‘Upstander,’ a peer ambassador who works with kids, teaching staff, and the community on solutions to putting an end to bullying.”

I was honored to have had my hard work with GAB be recognized through the wearing of the teal cord so everyone will see. Now I will always be reminded of my goal to help end bullying everything time I think of my graduation day.


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