Girl Scouts Become Upstanders at St. Alphonsus, Greendale.

March 13th, 2019
St. Alphonsus Troop 11412

Generations Against Bullying was invited to make a presentation to 13 Daisies at their monthly meeting at St. Alphonsus School. What a delightful and enthusiastic group of young girls! We introduced the new term of Upstander, bystander and how important is to become an Upstander and how! We talked about emotions and how it feels to get bullied and to witness bullying, sad, angry, hurt and mad.

We brought out the puppets and the girls were so excited to see the puppets! They created their own scenarios and how they can help each other when bully occurs in front of them. How they can become Upstanders! They did an amazing job with their presentations!

Thank you to the wonderful troop leaders, Ms. Julie, Ms. Dawn and Ms. Holly, for invited GAB to present to their Troop 11412. The Daisies earned their Upstander patch along with the Upstander Certificate and they also received a Upstander bracelet. They were absolutely delighted. We had a terrific time.


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