JANUARY 25, 2018

The Hero Project presents How to Become an Upstander and Stop Bullying.

Featuring Appearances by Matt Wilhelm from Americas Got Talent and Generations Against Bullying Celebrity Speaker Michael Turner.

Where? When?

Raymond School
2659 76th Street
Franksville, Wisconsin 53126

Thursday January 25th


8:00-8:30 Kenosha Kingfish Kickoff

8:30-9:00 Kick Off Competition

9:00-9:20 Break out sessions in gym (5-8) w/ GAB and Cafe (k-4) with Jessica

9:25-9:45 Break out sessions in gym (k-4)w/GAB and Cafe (5-8) with Jessica

9:45-10:30 Buddies Against Bullying Poster Project w/ Wendy G

Grades K-2 Lunch in Cafe
Grades 3-4 Guest Book Reader in Band Room
Grades 5-8 GAB speaker Against Bullying (Gymnasium)

Grades K-2 Guest Book Reader in Band Room
Grades 3-4 Lunch in Cafe in Band Room
Grades 5-8 Minute to Win it in Gym

Grades K-4 Minute to Win it in Gym
Grades 5-6 Lunch in Café
Grades 7-8 Homerooms Making an Anti Bully Slideshow

Grades 7-8 Lunch in Cafe
Grades 5-6 Homerooms Making an Anti Bully Slideshow
Grades K-4 in Homerooms Anti Bully Lesson w/ Specialist

12:30-12:50 All School Read (Gymnasium)

12:50-1:00 Break

1:00-1:45 BMX Freestyle Bully Prevention

Special guest Millie May and Her Mascot and Don’t Miss the Presentation: Millie May Speaks Up For Bullying Today


What an awesome day at Raymond School (K-8)! The school planned an anti-bully educational experience called the H.E.R.O. PROJECT. (Help Everyone Respect Others) and GAB was invited to be a focal point of the assemblies and breakout groups.

James Dean, GAB Executive Assistant, kicked off the festivities by introducing their organization and describing how the students can learn to be upstanders to stop bullying. James told the student body that bullying doesn’t occur in front of administrators, teachers, or counselors, it occurs among the students, and they have the power to stop it. James said, “By becoming an upstander in a non-threatening way, the bullying will stop within 10 seconds 85% of the time. It takes courage to act and your school staff can help you”. Be Kind, Be Positive, Be a Friend, Be Happy!

GAB partner and author Roxann Kranstover accompanied by her mascot, read Roxanne’s book “Millie Mae Speaks Up to a Bully Today” to two enthusiastic breakout groups of kindergartners and first graders.

GAB special guest speaker, Michael Turner, had a very engaging presentation about “choices”. Michael described how choices he made early in his life caused severe hardships for him. “It’s the choices you make on a daily basis that can establish whether your day will be positive of lead down a negative path. It’s up to you. We are all in this together and we need to support each other. We can all strive to become a H.E.R.O.” Michael said.

The day was interspersed with exciting “game show” activities that students participated in and ended with a special appearance by “America’s Got Talent” contestant Matt Wilhelm.

Special thanks goes to Steve Harder (Interim Principal), and the entire Raymond staff for their hospitality; and a special thank you to Jamie Wolff (Physical Ed), Mark Nelson (Band/Computers), and Steve Shohoney (5th/6th grade teacher) for their efforts to plan and organize this special, fun, educational event.

Hats off to Raymond School for being the platform and model school to help us set up future events like this throughout all our schools in the Nation.

The students were on fire and the energy among the students to learn about bullying and how to be a better person will never be forgotten. WOW! What an amazing day and event. What amazing staff and students?

These students will never forget this day! It will be a forever imprint they will remember for life. What a wonderful way to remember what an upstander is and how one simple gesture will make you the HERO.


Event Photos

Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs

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