My name is Abigail Thyssen, but most people call me Abby. I am currently a student
at NWTC pursuing a Degree in Graphic Design and a Diploma in Print Technology.
Art and Design have always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.
When I was in pre-school I would always create art with anything that was on hand.
Macaroni noodles on paper, chalk on sidewalks, sand in sandboxes, blank beanie
babies, cloth, paper, anything could be used for art.

Art classes were always my favorite in school. In elementary, the art teacher, at the
time, would encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. It eventually lead to
having my piece of artwork displayed at the School District Office Building of Green
Bay. It wouldn’t be until high school when my artwork would be retired and
returned to me.

It was in high school that I realized my dream of becoming a Graphic Designer. Mr.
Taft, the art teacher, was another person who encouraged creative thinking. He
would help bounce ideas around if a person was hitting a roadblock in art, and
inspire others to do the same. It was during one of his classes, which I believe was
the Photoshop class at the time, where it dawned on me that I wanted to be a
Graphic Designer. There was something about taking simple ideas and evolving
them on the computer that spoke to me. It’s where I realized that Graphic Design is
using art to spread a message and to catch peoples’ attention. Ever since that
realization, I’ve been working hard towards my Degree and complimentary

Generations Against Bullying is my first official place to be working in Graphic
Design. The message of being an Upstander and standing up to bullying is
inspirational. Through Graphic Design, I hope to help visually spread the message to
inspire positivity towards others, and to help stop bullying within those first 10

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