A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Stylist Challenge

Generations Against Bullying, in partnership with celebrity stylist, Dan Read, is looking for your beauty school and salon to take part in our Business Challenge. Top performer(s) have the chance to a win a $5,000 One-Day Assistant Director of Style Contract Job at our next live event!

How it Works

Each stylist or salon is challenged to adopt two (2) seats at the venue hosting the live concert event. The top stylists raising the most donations for Generations Against Bullying earns the Grand Prize of a One-Day $5,000 contract to come support our famed Hollywood stylist, Dan Read, with being an exclusive assistant hair and make-up director. We need your help to optimize the fundraising efforts in the adoption of the 831 seats at the chosen venue.

Another Top 7 Qualifying, Runner Up Stylists will be invited to attend our next event to support the end of bullying and violence, leading to suicide prevention. Those Runner Up Stylists will earn assistant credits and are paid $1,500 for their services during the event.

The seats are awarded front and center to this exclusive live-streamed celebrity event. The seats may also be donated to a local community ‘Upstander of Choice’, per each two seat occupancy and may be used to award clients.

This is a 60-Day Business Challenge for Generations Against Bullying (GAB). This provides the opportunity to participating communities taking part in the support of the cause of ending bullying and violence. Once registration has been completed below, you will receive a notification to begin the campaign. The liaison in your area will contact you directly in the order received.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below and we will send you all the updates and rankings. Thank you and good luck to all Stylists! We appreciate your contribution in efforts.


As a host salon, once you have all of your client’s chair artists committed to the challenge, you automatically qualify for a chance to earn One of Four $100,000 Advertiser Packages for your salon with customized branding. The team of artists with the combined highest yield donation per average will be selected for the Top 4 winners.

  • No investment required. High reward, no risk.
  • Extreme exposure into new, potential clientele.
  • Salon/Stylists credits to main, live streamed event.
  • Fun, positive drive for students in the area.

    Our Challenge was designed to simultaneously impact the artists and local businesses. This is accomplished by your salon being exposed during this live global streaming event into highly valued GAB schools and families of Upstander supporter audiences.

    Thank you for participating in advance and once you have registered, the dedicated event coordinating director of the Upstander community campaigns will contact you. On behalf of the students we thank you even more.

For more information please feel free to Contact Us

Linda Lee, Founder
Generations Against Bullying

Stylist/Salon Enrollment Form 

Stylist/Salon Business Challenge

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