Staff Volunteer

David Bowen, a River Hills native, is a successful small businessperson.

David has dedicated his life to contributing to charitable and social organizations. He has a 30 year history of working with people in communities throughout Wisconsin.

David is a person who loves to set goals and is determined to succeed in accomplishing those goals. In his career as a Professional Realtor and Property Manager, as well as in his positions at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Center, Sprecher Brewing Company, Astor Hotel, and Milwaukee Athletic Club, and now with Ogden & Company Commercial Real Estate, David has reached each and every goal that he set out to do.

He has balanced his career by spending a significant amount of time on charitable issues that affect our lives. He has successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars for many causes he is passionate about.

Currently, David is also Chairman of The George Washington fund in Whitefish Bay, District Auditor for The Wisconsin Elks as well as The Milwaukee Elks Chairman of The Elks Drug Awareness Program. And last but not least he is The Pink Panther Mascot in Milwaukee’s Tripoli Shrine bringing cheer to area children.

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