I joined the group Generations Against Bullying just this year and even though I haven’t been in it long my want to stop bullying around the world has definitely grown. I have learned that so many people are bullied just for being any type of different and I think it is outrageous that being different can cause such horrible things because in my eyes being different is a good thing. I want to show people, like children in schools, that being different is okay and that you should not bully someone who is because there can be serious effects to it like suicide. I want to make a difference in the world and work to stop bullying.

In school I am involved in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), math club, and GAB. I am on the tennis team at Greendale and have been on the JV team for two years. I played as the number one singles on the JV and got second place in our conference tournament.

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