I have been involved with GAB since the beginning. I joined GAB for the movement and loved what they were doing as an organization. It’s been great to see how far GAB has gone since the start and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome.

This organization has taught me valuable lessons and has impacted many others beside me. I thinks its exciting to see how the Peer Ambassadors have come together to create various projects. I like the “Luminescence Project” and the Lanterns we will be lighting when our walk/run takes place.

Not only am I in GAB but I also participate in many different sports. I love to play baseball, football, and basketball. Piano has also been a passion of mine and have been playing it since I was about 13 years old.

Besides school, sports, and GAB I also have a job. I currently work at Harbour Village where I serve the elderly food. I love this job because you always hear stories and get a chance to actually connect with some of these great people.

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