Lisa Joy Stevens is from Pittsburgh, PA and currently resides in the Northern part of Virginia. She s worked in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. A s a little girl , she suffered with a speech impediment. Being corrected often whenever she mispronounced words caused her to lose confidence when expressing herself. Always having a lot to say, she substituted her voice by writing. By the age of 10 , she was writing songs, plays and stories. She credits her love for writing to her fourth grade teacher who gave her the confidence and courage to enter into writing and poetry contests . Today, she has self published 12 books, to include 4 children s books and 2 books of poetry

Writing became therapeutic for her. She s written wedding vows, eulogies, greeting cards to name a few things. Her gift is being able to put feeling into whatever she writes about. It has always been a dream of hers to work on a higher platform to introduce her writings to a broader audience. Her new passion is writing educational and inspirational books for children that touches on real issues . Our youths endure unwelcoming traumas and Lisa s hope is that they find peace in her writings . Some of her children s books speak about bullying, losing a parent and on friendships. Things they can relate to. Being a victim herself of being bullied as a child give s her insight on how one feels . Seeing things playout with the current events of many losing their lives to Covid-19 led her to write a children’s book on losing a parent. Anything she writes about, there’s a connection.

She is a proud mother to a son, Michael. She is best friends with her mother, Barbara. She loves cooking, doing crossword puzzles and watching all kinds of sports. One of her favorite quotes is one written by herself: I can dream as big as I want to, but if I never act upon my dream, the dream becomes just that only a dream

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