Roxann Biesack-Kranstover has enjoyed several different careers, such as being a ballroom dancing teacher, a postmaster, working with special needs children and also owning and operating a daycare.

She enjoyed all and has now launched on her biggest passion which is to help all children develop a voice for themselves. She has observed and cared for children who struggle with normal anxiety, low self-esteem, shyness and so much more.

She believes that in many cases, when a child knows they can talk about what is on their mind, or going on in their lives, they will be able to work through their struggles and become everything they were meant to be in life. In her book, “Millie Mae Speaks Up To A Bully Today”, readers are gently guided through actions they can take when they are bullied. This book encourages children to use their voice during a time that could affect them negatively for a life.

In her effort to help all children develop a voice for themselves, Roxann does book presentations at schools, daycares and birthday parties. Her presentations are fun and interactive, leaving many children feeling empowered.


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