Motivational Speaker Peak Performance and Mindset Coach

Shae McNamara is former two sport professional athlete, playing basketball and Australian Rules Football. He played professional basketball in Munich, Germany and in Melbourne, Australia, and played Australian Rules Football in Melbourne, Australia. Shae was a trailblazer, by being the first American, born and raised athlete, to play in the Australian Football League (the top league in the sport).

Using his experiences from his athletic success and from his unique life circumstances and experiences, Shae has now started a new career in Peak Performance and Mindset Coaching. His business is called Diamond State of Mind LLC, stemming from his nickname while playing Australian Rules Football, “Big Dyman” (Diamond) – based from him being 6’8 and from how incredibly unique journey to the AFL.

Shae empowers individuals to perform their best under pressure, so that they can feel unbreakable while on their path to brilliance. He has many proven systems to help guide individuals to empowerment and to manifesting their desires. For him, it all starts with pointing to the truth that we all struggle to come to terms with – that we all are unique, beautiful, blessed and powerful individuals.

“We need to learn to love, respect, and honor ourselves, because we are truly enough for each and every moment. But, when we forget that we’re enough, our love, respect and honor for ourselves strays, and we become in desperate need of filling that void, many times with negative behavior. Sadly, this is where individuals not only bully others to put themselves in a better light but, they bully themselves – justifying why they’re feeling of not being enough. It always starts with ourselves and how we believe we see ourselves. If we don’t like ourselves, we won’t care about honoring our self or others around us. The pain from feeling not enough will create sadness, anger and inappropriate releases of emotions onto others in an unhealthy manner. We need to empower the students to recognize their worth and unique light, which will give them the courage to become upstanders for themselves and others.”

This is where Shae’s heart pours out towards Generations Against Bullying. He wants to help provide the tools to those who have forgotten their uniqueness, beauty, blessings and their power. If you’d like to learn more about bringing Shae to your school, please visit our website, or contact Generations Against Bullying at 414-241-2465.

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