I am in the class of ’19 at Greendale High School and a a Peer Ambassador for GAB (Generations Against Bullying). This organization is tremendously important to me and my fellow peer ambassadors. My main goal in high school is to help this organization grow and blossom into the organization I know and actively believe it is. I want it to grow into a worldwide organization and will fight for this to happen until it does. I am willing to work as hard as possible for GAB to grow as big as possible.

Outside of GAB I try to do as much as I can to help anyone or anything I can. I try to give my extra/spare money to the homeless, just to give them as much help and love they deserve. I also go to animal shelters and volunteer my time to help interest people into buying the animals. Another activity/volunteer job I do is raking leaves in yards for people who can’t physically do it themselves. I love doing this because I’m making their lives a lot easier and stress free.

As a high school student I have a few jobs. I work for Gooseberries (their catering company). This is fun and exciting because I get to hear a lot of speeches by many organizations that are very uplifting. They make me see how fortunate I really am and how much I love helping others. I also baby-sit and do other little things/jobs, here and there, just to give a helping hand out to someone in need.

I play sports like Basketball and Volleyball. They are very entertaining and make me very happy when I play them.

Another activity I like to do is create funny photos with random pictures of my friends and other people. This really lets me explore my mind and make whatever I want without limits. I also love taking my own photos.

With that I also really enjoy painting and drawing. I’ve been in a few art galleries and at competitions with my art work. I hugely enjoy getting my photo taken and modeling in them. I also love making funny video’s and sharing them with people to make them laugh.

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