Tiffany proudly joins Generations Against Bullying, she represents the amazing families of Wisconsin.

Tiffany Konecko was honored to be recognized as Mrs. Wisconsin 2014. She is an avid community volunteer and a motivational speaker.

Her mission is to reach out to our children who are suffering the severe consequences of bullying, to provide hope for the future, and help the bullies stop their behavior.

Tiffany’s passion is helping children. Generations Against Bullying and Tiffany share the same passion in helping our youth combat the epidemic of bullying in our great nation. This interest has led her to partner with Generations Against Bullying to help create the awareness of this National epidemic, and offer positive solutions to affect the changes needed to “change the culture of learning”.

Tiffany grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and can relate to the mental trauma caused by bullying. She became a target of bullying because of her height-she has been 5’ 9” since 6th grade. She learned how to take her “imperfection” and turn it into a positive.

Tiffany is a remarkably talented and inspirational role model, with excellent communications skills
GAB and Mrs. Wisconsin have partnered together to reach out to schools and communities throughout Wisconsin to help raise bullying awareness and educate our youth in bullying prevention.

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