Andy has been engaged in the betterment of the lives of children since his high school days. While instructing at music camps, coaching soccer, teaching Sunday School, and teaching in childcare classrooms he is regularly looking for those kiddos on the fringe and helping them find ways to be proud of their own skills and personalities that they add to the particular group they are in.

As a Child Care Director, he was able to teach teachers how to interact with empathy and skill so as to include diverse types of families, special needs, and multiple languages into the classroom and laud differences so that everyone felt like family. Some of the teachers he lead have since moved into leadership positions and are continuing the quest.
Currently working as a family engagement specialist, he continues to help parents advocate for their children’s academic mainstream and special needs, and also revive self-esteem in the students he works with by endowing a “can do” spirit in the activities situations they choose to participate.

While sitting on a city-wide Anti-Bullying Task Force, GAB was introduced to him and it felt like a perfect fit. Andy was able to start a Peer Ambassadors club in the school he works with and continues to advocate for children in leadership roles.

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