Executive Committee

Executive Director


Linda Lee is the full-time volunteer Executive Director for Generations Against Bullying, a motivational speaker on bullying prevention, business management, and communication. She is also a Lifestyle Coach and a…

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Administrative Assistant, Treasurer

Kim is a person with high personal integrity who always displays an infectious enthusiasm for the job. She is an exceptional problem solver and always willing to tackle new projects. She is hard-working, intelligent and…

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Executive Assistant, Events Coordinator & Fundraising

Pat has been involved with children her entire life. Past boy scout leader, girl scout leader, soccer coach, baseball mom, hockey mom and creator of Sunshine Kids. When her own daughter was subjected to bullying,..

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Parent Peer Specialist

Wendy Smith works for Wisconsin Family Ties as a Parent Peer Specialist in Manitowoc County. She lives in Manitowoc with her husband Paul and son Lucas who is a young man on the autism spectrum. Wendy and Paul’s other son, Brandon and is fiancée, Breinna, also live in Manitowoc and participate in many fundraising activities […]

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National Motivation Speaker & Athletic Trainer

Jonny and Generations Against Bullying are proud to partner in helping to reduce the epidemic of bullying in our nation. We will work together to create more Upstanders through our collaboration!

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Chairperson, Program Specialist & Speaker

Andy has been engaged in the betterment of the lives of children since his high school days. While instructing at music camps, coaching soccer, teaching Sunday School, and teaching in…

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