Leia Rios is 12 years old and currently holds the title of USA Nationals Miss Northern States 2022.  Leia wants to pave the way to empower, inspire, and motivate those she meets to appreciate the culture of learning and celebrate our differences…instead of bullying.

Leia speaks out against bullying at area schools, Girl Scouts, churches and Hispanic community events and parades. Leia has over 3,000 hours of community service with various organizations.

As a compassionate individual, Leia’s mission is to let others know that by sharing our platforms and passions we can build a better future, TOGETHER. It is Leia’s firm belief that the world needs more bonding, building, growing, hugging, laughing, learning and LOVING. Leia intends to leave her own LEGACY.

Leia Rios was crowned Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen USA Ambassador 2020 on January 31, 2020.  Leia chose to take the pledge against bullying as she has personally experienced bullying due to her learning disability. For that reason, she has become a mentor and practices daily “the bug and a wish.” Which means you tell someone “It bugs me when you do this.’ I wish you would stop.” Leia is honored to join Generations Against Bulling (GAB) and be a role model to help deliver GAB’s anti-bullying message.

Lei has seen how the severity of the bullying and cyber-bullying epidemic is undeniably increasing throughout the nation. There is a new bullying-related case in the news on a daily basis. Children need our help. Victims of bullying need our help. No one should ever be bullied or made fun of. We are all unique in our own ways and Leia wants to be sure everyone feels good, loved and accepted for who they are.

Leia attends Burleigh Elementary School, Brookfield, WI. She participates on the school’s Choir group and Orchestra group playing the Viola.

Leia speaks three languages which are English, Spanish and learning American Sign Language. Her family comes from six generations of Circus Performers. Her father was a trapeze artist, equestrian and acrobat.  Most of her family lives internationally and she loves traveling. Leia’s favorite food is mac and cheese.

Leia’s hobbies are pageants, reading, dancing, singing, cheerleading, playing her viola and making slime. She is currently a cheerleader for the Junior Spartans Cheerleaders and does competitive cheerleading.

Leia would like to have a career in which she can help people and make a positive impact.

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