GAB Office Manager & Director of Social Media

Martha is a Consultant with U.S. Cellular and Market America.

She has extensive experience working with the public, social media and networking. She has been active in a variety of nonprofit and civic organizations, she bring many years’ of experience in volunteering with various organizations like Generations Against Bullying and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She was a Camp Counselor for a Summer Adventure Camp, she loves working with kids and adults alike.

Martha possess excellent communication skills and demonstrates this through her passion for the children.

Martha is a dedicated, community-minded individual who always makes herself available to volunteer at events throughout the year. As a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) speaker Martha has helped GAB communicate with the Hispanic community in the Milwaukee area.

She is a valuable Board Member with many great talents and knowledge in networking and fundraising. Martha has an amazing ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Her enthusiasm and energy brings a lot to the table. She has always demonstrated initiative, creativity and leaderships.

As a Board Member for GAB she currently maintains, updates and provides on going communication on our Facebook. She networks with other non-profits and keeps our audience engaged on current information and news. She is always looking for ways to improve and add content to help educate our audience.

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