10 Cent Donation Goes a Long Long Way.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Greendale Community Theater’s presentation of Shrek the Musical, Greendale High School

While I was tending the GAB booth during the intermission of the musical, I was passing out GAB bracelets to the young kids attending. In order to get a bracelet I said they had to tell me their name and then I would introduce myself.

I met one young girl named Rachel who told me she was 11 years old. We had a small chat and she left to go back into the theatre. 5 minutes later she returned and asked where she could make a donation. I said she could make it with me. She then gave me a dime and shared with me it’s all she had, but she wanted us to have it.

That is the one of the most precious donations we have ever gotten. It came from a young girl that we somehow touched and she wanted to help in the only way she could at the time.

Thank you Rachel,

James Dean, GAB Executive Assistant

Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB
that helps support our outreach programs.

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