Aug 1st, 2020

We are so proud of our troop 619 in Apex north Dakota for achieving their Upstander patch. Way to go Upstanders!

This is how their  troop leader, Kimberly, describes how the girls managed to earn their patch.

We really enjoyed this program. We are 2nd year Brownies and modified the program for us to do online. Before our meeting each girl was given 5 postcards, which they sent to other members (predetermined so everyone was included) in our troop.

On them, they would write a positive affirmation for their sister scout. The second part was to email a positive trait about each of their sister Girl Scouts to me. During our meeting we discussed what it means to be an Upstander and what they do to help stop and prevent bullying. Each girl gave an example of an Upstander in their life and what traits they possess. We discussed situations where you should not just be a bystander but be an Upstander. We read the books – Kindness Starts with You, and Let the Children March. This showed the girls they have voices and they can and will be heard when they use them to speak against injustice. I used the words that the girls had emailed me – positive character traits for their sister Scouts – and turned them into word collages. We did a Google slide show and flipped through the collages for each girl and said aloud all the wonderful, positive things their sister Scouts feel about them. Afterward, we said the Upstander Pledge together. Homework was to create a poster that promotes inclusion and anti-bullying. It helped spur lots of discussion at home too – exactly what we wee hoping for.

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