September 9 2020

Dear News Director,
Please be advised of our respectful requests to have your news team mornings, midday and evening news cast/sports, to help invite the public to the Thursday night basketball game with the Milwaukee Milkmen.

The event is especially special this night, as the event is to host five former Miss America’s on site. All in support of other celebrities there to lend their support for the schools and students. The emphasis is to the empowering of social acceptance and cultural appreciation to all people in a salute to Upstander Citizens in and around the country.

GAB has been successful of late being adopted around the world as a leading provider of social acceptance and cultural appreciation initiatives for schools. GAB Student reporters, titled intern Streamcaster Jr. Journalists who are also to attend to help kick off an initiative that reaches students
in three continents supporting the journalistic arts.

The event is tomorrow, September 10, 2020, evening starting at 6:35pm. The safety protocols, rules and safety guidelines can be found on the Milkmen website under COVID-19 Tab.

Please let us know should you have any further questions surrounding the event. GAB looks forward to working with this event with all regional and national journalists to support our students along with their Schools in the area of raising awareness badly needed financial resources in a starved post Covid-19 return to school environment.

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