End of Year 2017 Peer Ambassador Meetings

Wow! What a great way to end the year for our Peer Ambassadors. They have been working hard the whole semester to get out the upstander message. Several new prospective members were introduced. The Peers discussed ways to recruit more new members by creating fun projects, advertising in school venues, using social media, and sharing their experiences with classmates.

They discussed changes they would like to make to the GAB school bulletin board to attract more attention. The December Peer holiday party was a way to celebrate their hard work that included pizza, veggie trays, soda, water, chips, fruit, and brownies. They all had a great time playing some games and enjoying each other’s company. They are looking forward to the New Year to expand the Peer Ambassador Program and reach more students with our upstander message.

Peer Ambassadors work together to help, “change the culture of learning” in their school and community. The senior peers facilitate the meetings and provide a leadership role by participating and contributing their ideas in a group of their peers. (For the students, by the students). They build self-confidence and learn to work towards goals resulting in an overall better experience in school. They work towards reducing and preventing bullying for the next generation. The Peer Ambassadors are upstanders and they strive to create more upstanders. They are heroes!

So how do we spot them? The upstanders in our schools are the ones that ask the outliers on the sidelines to join in the game. They make space at the lunch table for someone sitting by him or herself. They turn and make sure everyone is included in a partnership or group. They reach out to make human connections. They smile at others in the hallways and say hello to the people who need it the most. It is not expected or suggested by society, it takes incredible strength and courage. It is a sign of greatness. And, that’s just the beginning!

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