GAB, City Champs, Giveaway Summer Gym Scholarship

Saturday, June 23, 2018

City Champs and GAB partner for a summer gym scholarship giveaway at Evolution Milwaukee. City Champs is opening doors to children wishing to gain exposure to classes that preach the values of commitment, discipline, and physical fitness that accompany the mixed martial arts. The City Champs Foundation’s motto is “Building Character-Creating Champions”. This fits perfectly with GAB’s programs to create Upstanders in the face of bullying. If a bystander during a bullying situation becomes and upstander in a non-threatening way, the bullying will end within 10 seconds 85% of the time. It takes character, and self-esteem to have the courage to become an Upstander. GAB will create Heroes and City Champs will create Champions.

What a day of great of demonstrations put on by several mixed marital arts clubs that included Pura Vida, Red Schafer, and a special appearance by Champion, Anthony Pettis. About 50 kids who attended with their parents had a chance to meet the instructors and practice some of the martial art exercises.

Jared Bell with City Champs and GAB are collaborating about how our programs will work together. We anticipate combining our GAB curricula with the MMA programs and have the students learn how to become Upstanders. In doing so the students would earn “dog tags” or “stripes” as they complete the various lessons. Scholarships can also be earned within this program.

Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to getting involved with City Champs and GAB



Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB
that helps support our outreach programs.

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