April 5th, 2019

Wisconsin Hills Middle School Girl Scout Brownie Troop 2004 and Troop 20084 and Generations Against Bullying (GAB), Linda Lee presented to the Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies.

The first hour we worked with the older girls with the puppets. WOW! The girls love the puppets. After all the fun stuff we did the girls knew just how to create scenes that the Upstander would do in a bullying situation. They were amazing! They shared all their knowledge with the younger girls and created several scenes that could help make a difference. We had so much fun learning how to be positive when it did not seem possible. The girls were like sponges absorbing all the positive things we can do to be kind and help one another.

The Brownies made up realistic scenes for the younger girls. They are terrific mentors by helping to engage the girls in additional Upstanding situations.

This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce the new terms of Upstander vs bystander. The girls were so receptive and enjoyed understanding the positive ways we can help one another in a bullying situation. They also discovered how much power they have as individuals and as a team to stop bullying in a non-threatening way.

We talked about the posters they made for the school hall ways and how important it is to fill our buckets with the good things in our life. Linda Lee brought out the 2 buckets, one had balls and one was empty. Linda gave each girl a ball and they put the ball in the bucket and shared one think that makes them happy; some girls said their dog, grandparents, mom, dad, friends, and musical instruments. See we can fill up our lives with good things and leave all the negative things out.

We watched the Sadie Movie and learned how Upstanders are like heroes and how truly powerful Upstanders are! We talked about how it takes courage to be an Upstander. We talked about Buddy Bear the 3-legged Golden Doodle who has a sad story that turns into a very inspiring story because an Upstander who helped Buddy Bear. Today Buddy Bear is GAB’s Peer Ambassa-Dog that travels to schools to share the Upstander message. We shared scenarios and the girls understood how important it is to be an Upstander and how much power they have, and it was even more exciting for them to know they could be a HERO. The girls learned about kind gestures for your friends their siblings and how important it is to understand that other may be different, and how important a kind gesture can make a big difference in someone life. For example, when someone is sitting alone at the lunch table or someone is being left out of an activity on the playground. The girls realized how they can be a hero and become the Upstander by sitting next to someone who is alone or include someone who is being left out.

Thank You Troop Leaders Rose Zarske and Parent Helpers Julie and Heather Zgonc.


Special thanks to Ponyville and Whinny City for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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