September 10 2019

Generations Against Bullying, ‘GAB’ a leading U.S. nonprofit organization advocating against violence and bullying announced today that the organization will participate in a series of global International student challenges, including hosting a world championship in multiple sports.

The Upstander challenges are focused on advocacy in promoting positive lifestyle choices. This is including taking the pledge to end bullying. GAB has been providing schools greater access to highly effective Upstander programs for over seven years. Appreciation and excitement by staff and students from all grades is being achieved.

GAB is expanding its frequency of engagement activities to include at-school and home advanced interactive learning tools. Interactive programs which engage the students and their families throughout the program’s year long term.

Students, through their schools, are to be provided with access to proactive interactive activities that are fun to be part of. This includes at-home interactive mentors that help teach life lessons. The celebrity mentors leading these interactive sessions are serving as GAB Upstander Ambassadors of Hope. The program extends from the schools into the home and in the surrounding communities with GAB’S vitally needed resources.

The lead up to a Global Day of Awareness comes in hosting an international Upstander Public Service Ambassadors Tour into schools and after school centers. The empowerment tour is encompassing the efforts of performing artists providing schools live assemblies to curb bullying through the power of bystander intervention.

“GAB is excited to embark on this brilliant program that puts the next generation on the right path. We want all schools and communities to be involved and we look forward to working with all our partners to make the biggest impact possible in the lives of student families around the world,” states Linda Lee, Executive Director and GAB’S Founder.

The Interactive program was developed by VrTUO Interactive, a Company focused in the pioneering of advanced smart media programs. The GAB Upstander challenges are to include a main event involving students from various school programs. The main events scheduled each day are to be followed by a streaming benefit event financially supporting GAB, registered schools and aftercare programs at each local level.

Special thanks to Ponyville and Whinny City for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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