JANUARY 17, 2018

GAB partners up with the Hispanic Collaborative Network

Thank you to our volunteer Martha Sanchez-Hernandez for sharing the opportunity to attend the Hispanic Collaborative Network. Linda Lee, GAB Executive Director and James Dean GAB Executive Assistant attended the Hispanic Collaborative Network (HCN) meeting at WCTC in Pewaukee, WI. Julie Valadez graciously greeted us, and during the meeting all in attendance were allowed to introduce themselves and describe what the organization they represent is about.

The HCN is a non-profit advocacy organization providing programs and services, which improve the health, education and recreation opportunities of the Hispanic population in Waukesha County. What a great resource of people willing to help each other. We met WCTC students who are going to volunteer for GAB as well as a school administrator interested in establishing our Peer Ambassador Program in the Waukesha school system.

GAB is able to attend these reach out programs as a result of the donation from our sponsors such as Ponyville.

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