October 23 2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, London, U.K., Generations Against Bullying, (GAB), Jointly announced, the organizers have reached an agreement in-principle to cooperate in releasing the world’s first interactive curriculum in partnership in providing schools and households resources proven to lower risk of bullying and cyber bullying. Gooseberry Planet, a London based award winning provider of interactive accountability games. The firm also provides at-home curriculums in teaching families how to address online streaming threats to their children and families.

The agreement represents the most advanced proactive approach to global violence and social anxiety ever released. The public as a whole acknowledges the need for an active curriculum being available to help guide these processes.

The program is designed to help address the public consensus of a need for relief to schools and aftercare programs. A cooperative approach where the synergies are equally identified. Schools and student homes facing these social epidemics can now participate in these prevention initiatives and interactive student challenges.

The cooperation between the American advocacy nonprofit in GAB, and the corporate responsibility partner in Gooseberry Planet, represents a proven performance in effectiveness, that when consolidated, creates the most advanced student interactive engagement resource ever made available.

“Over the seven years of our prior generations of programs, this representing the last of the puzzle. The Gooseberry Planet curriculum is
proven and used around the world. After evaluating all the curriculums in the market their success is undeniable as our own.” states
Linda Lee, GAB Executive Director, Founder.

The partnership between the two firms now takes focus on the release date of the global platform. This date indicating the inevitable
release of the program to all schools and aftercare programs across the globe.

About Generations Against Bullying: is a U.S. based nonprofit organization with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. GAB
supports student achievements in social acceptance in an effort to end bullying. GAB is currently expanding internationally and is a seven
year successful track record in schools and aftercare programs.

About Gooseberry Planet, LTD: Gooseberry Planet based in London, U.K. is an award winning student resource
platform provider. The firm has operating programs in countries around the world. The firm schools in Europe, New Zealand and Australia
which provide schools and homes with mandated and electoral systems. Online teaching tools which reach the homes from the
schools providing an effective gateway to coordinated efforts from the schools and their student households.

Special thanks to Ponyville and Whinny City for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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