GAB Receives Invite to Whinny City Pony Con.


Generations Against Bullying is so excited and honored to be invited as a guest and the non-profit recipient of the Whinny City Pony Con and auction April 13th-15th, 2018. We have met so many wonderful people who have been involved in the My Little Pony (MLP) organization. We look forward to meeting our MLP friends again and new ones in Chicagoland.

The theme for 2018 is “Old Chicago”, celebrating the best of the Roaring 20’s and Dirty 30’s. From Flappers and Jazz to Gangsters and Swing Dance, the event list this year will have plenty of new and fun attractions! We look forward to coming to Chicagoland for a fun filled weekend of ponies, friends, fun and entertainment!

The Ponyville Ciderfest event in Milwaukee last year, has given us an amazing opportunity to reach out to several schools, implement a peer ambassador program, present a movie night and the list goes on. GAB is dedicated to saving lives and combating our epidemic of bullying. We are losing our children to this horrific epidemic and without the love of the people with MLP, we would not be able to spread the awareness and teach our children how to become upstanders. We have the solution to bullying! We know it takes courage and our Upstander Peer Ambassador Program focuses on putting the power back into the hands of the students. We know bullying does not occur in front of the administration, teachers, counselors and parents-it occurs in front of the students. Providing our children with the tools and resources on how to become the upstander in a non-threating way, works. We have proven this over and over. Thank you to our amazing friends we call family from MLP for providing us the tools and resources to reach thousands of children. We were given an opportunity to be part of so much love, with so many beautiful people and you will always remain part of our hearts.

We are so honored and excited to be part of Whinny City. Charley Worthley, we are so grateful for that one day you called us and inquired about our organization. Our organization is dedicated full-time to helping our world become a better place. You have given us so much inspiration to continue our mission. Words cannot describe our humble hearts. Thank you! From the GAB Family!

Event Recap.


Unbelievable! Whinny City Pony Con 2018 generously raised $15,000 today for Generations Against Bullying. They tripled last years auction. The weekend was full of Special Events from the Grand Galloping Gala, WCPC18 Bass Ball Dance to the Grand Finale WCPC18 Charity Auction all benefiting GAB.

The weekend was so full of special events and time spent with our family from Ponyville Ciderfest and meeting new family from Whinny City. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was this weekend sharing friendship, stories, love and pure happiness with our GAB family of Ponyville and Whinny City. Our hearts were singing with joy and overwhelming emotion. Your generosity will help us continue combating our bullying epidemic. We have accomplished wonders throughout the past several months because of Ponyville and now we can continue reaching out to more children in need of help and hope. Because of you, we can continue to save lives.

Let me help you understand how important Ponyville and Whinny City are to GAB. We have been able to reach out to numerous schools, organizations and create videos that will help students find solutions. Ponyville and Whinny City, your generosity, along with your unconditional love, will help us stay focused.

Imagine a world, a community, a family with no judgement, no division, no exclusion, no bullying, no hatred, no anger, no bitterness – sheer love, honesty, friendship and joy? Imagine what that could do? If we could only bottle up and share everyone from this weekend, our world be an amazing place to live, to breath, to love and be free of all the anger of this world.

Through all of GAB’s tears, struggles and obstacles we have faced, we will never quit and that is because of the hope that Ponyville and Whinny City provides us. We need your hope. Without your generosity and dedication, we could not spread the kindness and help educated our children.

GAB runs on dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making our world a better place. Our new family has the same purpose and together we can accomplishment miracles. Together we will make a better place for us and our future generations!

We love you Ponyville and Whinny City. Every one of you gives us the hope to continue our fight and we are so honored and grateful for your love and friendship. Your love keeps us going. This world needs our love. As long as we continue to conquer the world with love, we cannot lose.
It doesn’t get better than this!

Thank you from all your friends and family at GAB

Event Photos.

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