October 26, 2018
Rufus King International High School

Over 400 students were in attendance for GAB’s student assembly presentation at Rufus King International High School in Milwaukee WI.

James Dean opened the program by describing GAB’s positive approach to stopping bullying. He encouraged the students to become upstanders when they see bullying because the bullying will usually stop within 10 seconds if they get involved in a non-threatening way. He said, “Bullying doesn’t occur in front of administrators, teachers or counselors, it occurs in front of you, the students. You have the power to stop the bullying. Therefore, if you don’t like to see the bullying continue, don’t be a bystander, become and upstander”.

James then introduced GAB’s featured speaker, Michael Turner. Michael described how he came from the same neighborhoods as the students did. He knows how tough the streets are, and that a lot of that behavior shows up in the school. He challenged the students saying, “That if they didn’t like the bullying and bad behavior going on in their neighborhoods or in the school they had to have the courage to take positive steps to change it”. He asked them if they wanted the bad guys to be leading their schools, neighborhoods, or city. If they didn’t, they needed to step up and be the positive influence. He told them that we need them to be the positive force in our society and to champion the good, the right and the successful behaviors so our society doesn’t fall apart into chaos.

Special thanks go to Erica Ashford, School Support Teacher for inviting us to make a presentation.

Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB
that helps support our outreach programs.

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