GAB Visits Lowell International Elementary School.

April 23, 2018

Lowell International Elementary School GAB Assembly

GAB received a wonderful reception at Lowell International Elementary School, Milwaukee WI. Thank you to Principal Pandora Bedford, Morgan Conyers, and Elizabeth Finnigan for inviting GAB to present an hour-long anti-bully program to their students. GAB filled the hour with activities and messages about being an upstander. Most of the students had not heard the terms “bystander” and “upstander” before, so our upstander message was especially impactful. If a bystander to bullying becomes an upstander in a non-threatening way, the bullying will stop within 10 seconds 85% of the time. Bullying doesn’t occur in front of teachers, counselors, or administrators, it occurs in front of the students. The students were enthusiastic about the message that they have the power to stop bullying by becoming an upstander.

Some students volunteered to compete in a GAB obstacle course. It was especially interesting that one of the participants inquired about the relevance of having an obstacle course during an anti-bully presentation. GAB special speaker Michael Turner explained that bullying is one of the “obstacles” that the students would have to learn to overcome. Michael also encouraged the kids to be kind to one another and work hard in school. He emphasized that we are all Americans, and that some day they would be asked to be leaders in their communities and our country and they needed to be prepared.

The kindergarten class was treated to GAB partner Roxanne Kranstover who read her book “Mille Mae Speaks up to a Bully Today”. Accompanying Roxanne was mascot “Squeaky the Frog”. The kids loved it.

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