October 16 2019

Anthony Hernandez Caballero, a son, a friend and a gentleman. Anthony was always writing, creatively expressing his best self in everything he found himself in.

Being bullied took its toll on Anthony’s young mind, and eventually his spirit. Anthony was beyond loved, brilliant and caring.

His earliest elementary writings were about his Dad. As just a small boy, you could read his enthusiasm for their love.

Losing your best friend is never easy, and will never be alright. Anthony’s father, a GAB Ambassador as an Upstander is assuring through Anthony’s story, that millions of people, including students like Anthony, may truly relate to the tragedy in his loss.

In every way Anthony is very much alive. We know his spirit is covered by the hands of God; and his legacy’s never ending inspiration to many other people who need to understand their loss in the world would be real.

Anthony believed in the good in everyone, and why he had issues understanding why he was bullied. It ultimately cost him his life, and forever a loss to all those that loved, and admired him and his energy.

We all feel frustrated and angry about what we all could have hopefully done if we only knew. The “Truth” is, it was God’s will and Anthony obviously is a token of salvation so many others may be saved.

How else could it be explained to someone showing no signs, and loved to be taken so suddenly, so tragically, so unnecessarily. There can only be one answer, his spirit is ALIVE!

In God’s name we exemplify Anthony in what we all should truly respect, appreciate and want to be in a person as we all reflect in reality; and for that to be empowering inside of everyone that his story touches!

It is forevermore that we at Generations Against Bullying honor you Anthony, as a heavenly Upstander Forever!

God Speed until we meet in God’s hands.

Please consider donating to Anthony’s GoFundMe. All proceeds earned from this campaign will be donated to Anthony’s family, so they may cover all funeral expenses associated with this tragic event.

Special thanks to Ponyville and Whinny City for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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