November 21 2019

GAB once again had an interview with another news station as word of these frequent deaths gets out, the prospect of notifying the community that we have a problem becomes more desirable. This time it was for Spanish news channel: Telemundo WI. 

Once again Carlos was interviewed along with Linda on this situation.

Translated version of the article:

It has now been two students from Greenfield High School that have taken their lives by suicide in the last 6 weeks.

It is a topic that for any parent is a nightmare.

Telemundo WI talked with one of those parents that is now fighting for changes statewide.

Carlos Hernandez says that bullying was the reason why his son took his life. By sharing his story and pain he hopes he can help other parents before it’s too late.

Hernandez lost his son Anthony, 15 years old, in October.

Carlos tried giving his son advice, he even called the school who gave him information on a psychologist.

Now Carlos plans to continue honoring Anthony through his work with GAB (Generations Against Bullying).

Through the organization Carlos wants to let parents and students know that they are not alone.

The director of the organization, Linda Lee, added on that she plans to talk to legislators and implement anti-bullying lessons in schools.

Meanwhile, Carlos has been able to talk with some of Anthony’s classmates to confirm how dangerous this topic is.

We contacted the district of Greenfield and through an electronic response they advised that if students have any problem they are to contact their service office.

They also sent their condolences to the affected families.

Special thanks to Ponyville and Whinny City for their donation to GAB that helps support our outreach programs.

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