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Greendale, Wisconsin, September 12, 2013 – Generations Against Bullying (GAB) is proud to announce that Annie Jorgensen, Miss High School America 2013, will serve as one of the organization’s spokespersons.

A senior at Homestead High School in Mequon, WI, Annie has an extensive resume of accomplishments, many of which contributed to her being selected as the national winner in the Miss High School America pageant.

Annie’s chosen cause is to speak out against bullying. According to the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association, bullying has reached epidemic levels in this country. After thoroughly researching a variety of anti-bullying organizations, Annie chose to partner with GAB because of its hands on approach to stop bullying.

Annie will join GAB at various events to champion the cause of empowering students to stand up to bullying.

Statistics have shown that in 85% of the cases where a by-stander stands up to a bully, the bullying stops within ten seconds.

Annie recognized that GAB’s community-based model, which utilizes a unique Peer Ambassador program, teaches students the necessary skills to stand up to bullying in a non-threatening manner. The Peer Ambassador concept developed by GAB proves that students themselves are the key to a successful antibullying program.


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