MAY 20th 2021

Leia Rios was crowned as Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen USA Ambassador. Leia decided to make a commitment against bullying, as she has personally experienced bullying due to her learning disability. Because of this, she has become a mentor and practices “the bug and a wish” on a daily basis. Which means you tell someone, “It bothers me when you do this. I wish you would stop doing it.” Leia is honored to join Generations Against Bulling (GAB) and be a role model to help deliver GAB’s anti-bullying message.

Leia has seen how the severity of the bullying and cyberbullying epidemic is undoubtedly increasing across the country. There is a new bullying-related case in the news every day. Children need our help. Victims of bullying need our help. No one should be bullied or made fun of. We are all unique in our own way and Leia wants to make sure everyone feels good, loved and accepted for who they are.

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