Peer Ambassadors Meeting

This months Peer Ambassador meeting had two guest speakers.

Mari Rodriguez gave a very interesting presentation about image. She asked the Peers for feedback about how important image was in their interactions with other students.

Examples were given concerning make-up, clothes, shoes, and how someone generally presented himself or herself. All these areas have the potential to illicit bullying.

Mari emphasized that we are all different in some way and that we should celebrate our differences.

Clay Iverson, head football coach at Mukwonago High School had a very powerful presentation: Filling your glass to make history. He asked the Peers “Why are you here? History is defined by changing the course of a person’s life. There is nothing more powerful in the world than making history. All you need to change history is love and courage. Love is word used all the time but is taught wrong. What do you love? What are you willing to sacrifice? You are here because you love to make a difference and be and upstander-to put others before yourself. We are defined by what we love-our community and people who need our help.”

Clay then charged the Peers to fill their glass with love and change history.

Meeting Photos

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