Peer Ambassador Meeting April 2018

April 18, 2018

GAB Peer Ambassador Meeting, Greendale High School

What a great meeting! Our Peers like to focus on solutions and are excited about two initiatives they would like to undertake.

The first, being a GAB Upstander Pledge that would be stated on a GAB Certificate of Excellence. The pledge would read: “I pledge to be an Upstander in my home, school, extracurricular activities and in my community. I pledge to be kind, courageous and be an Upstander in a non-threatening way. By being an Upstander, I am making the world a better place.” The certificate would go to any student at our assemblies or events who would make the pledge.

The second initiative involves drafting and passing a new State law that requires all public schools to institute an anonymous reporting system that focuses on bullying and violence. With the recent school shootings, there were reports that students had heard about the threats prior to the incident. For various reasons, the students were reluctant to report these situations. It may have been different if they would have had an anonymous way to report them. The students would like to call the new law, GAB’s Law, and are excited to begin collecting the 2500 signatures required for this legislative bill to be heard. GAB would then take a contingent of Peers to the State Capital in Madison, WI to meet with the key legislators who could help move GAB’s Law toward passage.

Our Peer Ambassadors are helping to “change the culture of learning”.

Meeting Photos

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