Peer Ambassadors Meeting

GAB’s Peer Ambassador are on fire!

Aside from their regular monthly meetings, they make time to meet in groups outside of school hours to plan and work on various projects.

These are projects that the Peer Ambassadors have brainstormed and executed on their own.

Today was project presentation day and what great ideas they had!!

They presented a video about bullying that they will post and share on social media to spread awareness of the issue of bullying.

Another Peer group revealed bullying-themed and inspirational posters that they designed in which they will seek the approval of the school administration to post them around school as soon as possible.

A board game project that the Peers constructed was also presented. They will produce and use the board game at various events as well as offer it for sale on our website.

Amongst their busy school schedule, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities, GAB Peer Ambassadors are very dedicated to GAB and their hard work on these incredible projects proves just that!

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