Peer Ambassadors Meeting

Today was a special meeting for the Generations Against Bullying (GAB) Peer Ambassadors at Greendale High School. It was special, because it was the Christmas party for the Peers. The Peers enjoyed various snacks and drinks to celebrate the Holiday, and for all the hard work they have been doing.

This meeting was special in another way as FBI agent Leonard Peace was the guest speaker for the Peers. Leonard is the Public Affairs Specialist with the FBI. Leonard brought his extensive experience with the FBI, and spoke about the significance of being an upstander.

Leonard explained,

“Being an upstander will have a major, positive effect, on yourself, and the rest of the students. Being an upstander takes courage-you just have to try. Your fellow students need you to try. When you do, you will see the positive result.”

Leonard was very impressed with the Peers, and hoped our organization could establish a Peer Ambassador Program in every school.

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