Peer Ambassadors Meeting

The monthly Peer Ambassador meeting featured guest speaker Adrianna Bratel. Adrianna was a Peer Ambassador during her high school years at Greendale, WI. Presently, Adrianna is a freshman at UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI. She spoke about how lonely you can feel as a freshman in your first days of college, and how vulnerable you can feel.

To address these feelings, Adrianna recommended to become engaged in people around you and your classes. She described how she was cyber-bullied by couple of upper class women who were her teammates on the college soccer team. They were upset because Adrianna earned the starting goalie position instead of them, and started posting very negative posts about Adrianna.

Adrianna became her own upstander when she found out about the negative cyber posts by going directly to these teammates and asking them about the posts. Her non-confrontational discussion cleared the air and the cyber posts stopped.

Adrianna’s presentation was a great introduction to the cyber-bullying lesson that Sheridan Schaefer and Sidney Schacht had prepared. Two short videos were presented that created a good focus of discussion.

The meeting concluded with the announcement of the big GAB fundraiser Bike for Hope, June 16-18th, in Port Washington, WI. Nine present and past Green Bay Packers will participate, led by GAB Board member William Henderson.

It was also announced that Peers who are interested in leading GAB next year should start to think about how they would like to contribute.

Following the meeting, some Peers added some new content to the GAB bulletin board in the main hallway of the high school.

– Rachel Young, Peer Ambassador

Meeting Photos

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