Peer Ambassadors Meeting

Every meeting we start with settling in and greeting one another, whether it be familiar faces or new ones to welcome, then we grab some delicious snacks to enjoy. While we gathered back together we discussed the differences of friend groups and cliques as well as being enlightened by our guest speaker, this month, Sahara.

Part of when we gather back together we address any blogs our peers have done with a king size candy reward and projects we could complete. We also like to share what we have accomplished since our last meeting for example since February, The GAB meetings that occurred for the middle and elementary schools and how we could continue our outreach there.

Sahara then spoke to us of her adventurous life and how she managed to travel to 65 countries by age 26. She explained how wonderful branching out could be when you meet new people and open your mind to learning new things, whether it be a new culture or new friend you make in school. Her difficult times she did not leave out, but she included how she overcame them with people she met to help her learn how to deal with the tough times.

Then we tried a fun new activity with playing cards, where each of us were handed a random card and had to group each other by card ranking without looking at our own card. This game really showed how easy it is to reject others with what we think of “lower ranking” and group others into what we think of “higher ranking”. It was a big eye opener of what a set back and truly an obstacle it is to define ourselves to a clique.

We learned having friend groups is wonderful and embracing mutual interest’s/capabilities will benefit more than snubbing others based off of differences.

Our encouragement to looking at the others around us and include them into what we can was boosted at this March meeting, and hopefully this can encourage you too!

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