Peer Ambassadors Meeting

Four of GAB’s Peer Ambassadors planned and executed a fantastic presentation at our monthly meeting at Greendale High School on Wednesday. Sophomores Ariel Griffin, Noor Fleifel, Tess Schaefer, and Diana Victory began the meeting by having everyone introduce themselves and sharing what they would like to be when they grow up.

As everyone took turns talking, the group leaders heckled back. “What do you mean you want to be a physical therapist when you grow up? Do you even know anything about that job? How dumb!” and the Peer responded with “I am interested in physical therapy and I want to learn more about it”.

The purpose of this exercise was more than to just get to know everyone’s names and career aspirations but to learn how to be upstanders. The peers learned ways to be confident in their beliefs and decisions as well as how to support and stand up for others.

The group leaders put together a great Powerpoint presentation that contained relevant and important content. They asked their Peers to give examples of bullying in different environments such as at home, at school, and in a workplace. They also discussed examples and how to recognize physical, emotional, and cyber bullying. It’s amazing to see Peers leading and teaching their Peers and everyone being involved and participating.

The group leaders found an awesome song and video online with lyrics dedicated to recognizing bullying and inspiring everyone to just be who they are and to love themselves. Then, we watched a video that displayed a strong message about bullying and Upstanding.

This meeting couldn’t have gone any better! Great job Peer Ambassadors!

– Rachel Young, Peer Ambassador

Meeting Photos

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