We all met at Linda’s for a catch up meeting on events because recently many people had been very busy and were unable to attend big meetings when large events were being planned.

Me, Sidney, Sheridan explained to the group all the big ideas & events we had made and how we reinvented the ideas we had for how we project & create projects locally and nationwide.

It was a very big step. It mainly revolved around our newest and biggest project: The Luminescent Project which is a series of acts that help people to overcome the effects of bullying in their life by igniting their own personal life light.

We got to finally have everyone on the same page so that now we can all work together more efficiently to finalize our project.

Once everyone understood and began to enjoy the excitement we have found while planning this new event, everyone got to give their input to the projects and together we started to really get the project together, like location, activities, special guest speakers, promotions/advertisement and merchandise/gifts. We are planning on giving all of the people who come to our event.

We are all now working even harder and more efficiently to finalize and pull off this amazing new project of ours. If these projects take off and have the type of effect we are planning on spreading to our community, we will have accomplished so much and it will lead us down new paths that we’ve been wanting to take so we can share our message with anyone out there who needs a helping hand. With this event we open up the world of GAB to many, many people.

Our Luminescent Project will create infinite possibilities for everyone.

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