Peer Ambassadors Meeting

Right after school on the second Wednesday in November we had our GAB meeting. Me and my friend Kelsey went to the meeting together and we were really excited to see all the rest of the Peer Ambassadors that we have recently met.

This year we got a lot of new members that now we are becoming closer to with every meeting. The meeting this month was about courage and self-confidence we did this game that felt really awkward in the beginning where we had to stand in from of the group and dance for 10 second to a randomly selected song.

It was really awkward at first but eventually we all really had fun with it as we got more comfortable with each other. These type of activities really help all of us identify our own capabilities to stand up for someone the way we should to effectively be an upstander and not a bystander.

– Jenna Hutchinson, Peer Ambassador

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