Peer Ambassadors Meeting

I went to GAB for the first time on October 1st, 2015 at Greendale High School.

I attended the GAB meeting with my friend Sam.

In the beginning of the meeting we had a lot of fun doing activities to warm us up. We moved around, made skits, ate food, and learned about bulling and how we can prevent it.

We also listened to a song about a kid’s story when being bullied which really got us thinking as to how much of an impact being and upstander can really be.

The skits we made, that went over situations of being an upstander, was the best part of the meeting because we had a better and more fun visual representation as to what we can do while being an upstander.

The impact that comes from this meeting is the knowledge and understanding of what bullying really does to others. Although it may seem like it’s not that big of a deal at times, it certainly can be the biggest of deals in our lives.

Learning new ways to ban an upstander is a great benefit that others will keep in consideration, which is a great start to fight against bullying.

– Esmeralda Contreras, Peer Ambassador

Upstander Meeting Miinutes

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