Peer Ambassadors Meeting

The GAB meeting was held at Greendale High School at 2:45pp right after school ended. At this GAB meeting there were many new freshmen students to Greendale, a few sophomores, and about 10 or 7 juniors including the SA’s (Senior Ambassadors.) Sidney Schacht and Sheridan Schaefer lead this meeting.

Right at at the beginning of the meeting we grabbed snacks that were brought including grapes, popcorn, cookies and water. Then we all took a seat together. The meeting started off with the SA’s presenting a slideshow and talking about the clubs activities.

Then to sort of get comfortable with each other we took a break to play a game. The game was to find a partner and when you looked down at someone feet and if you both looked up at each other in the eyes at the same time you scream.

After the fun game we were provided with a larger snack, more of a dinner, which was pasta and chicken. Once we all got settled down again the SA’s continued presenting the slideshow that focused on the difference between being and upstander, versus a bystander. We acted out scenarios that demonstrated being and upstander and being a bystander.

What I liked best about the meeting was acting out the scenarios because it really helped us get a visual and helped me relate and understand the difference between being and upstander and a bystander instead of a description of what to do and what not to do. This meeting not only helped us realize the impacts of those who are getting bullied but also the impacts of those who are trying to help.

This club shows others how to be confident and stand up for themselves or others. It also impacts the ones helping because it makes them feel good about what they are doing for others by helping them personally when they are getting bullied, or if they couldn’t help someone then they can inform people the dangers and effects bullying can be on someone and their life.

– Samantha Kazmierski, Peer Ambassador

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