Peer Ambassadors Meeting

At this months meeting, my friends Ahmely, Helena, and Huong and I enjoyed all of our snacks that GAB provided which were really good and it’s always so nice when they bring us snack after a long day of school.

We talked a lot about what it means to be a bystander and how to have confidence in yourself to be able to stand up for others.

The Senior Ambassadors had a lot of fun games planned for us like a game called Dark Crawlers.

For this game we all had to lay on the floor in the dark and then when the Senior Ambassadors told us we could move only using our arms to find another person in the dark and then once we found them we had to whisper to them the answers to the questions that related to our self confidence.

The best part of the event besides the food, which is always really great, is the really fun and interactive games that the Senior Ambassadors do for us.

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