Sight & Sound Solutions Launches Promo in Support of GAB

Sight and Sound Solutions Supports GAB

Sight & Sound Solutions of Waukesha launches new and exciting ATT DirecTV program to help support GAB.

Tim Townsend Sight & Sound Solutions is a longtime friend and supporter of the GAB Movement and recently announced he would donate $100.00 to GAB for everyone who switches their television service from any other provider to ATT DirecTV at the Sight & Sound Solutions store in Waukesha. In addition, the promotion also offers $100 VISA Gift Card for the new subscriber.

If customers are interested in a change, the Sight & Sound Solutions GAB Fund Raising Promotion is a great time to to make the call.

All questions about the promotion, product info, installation, etc. can be presented directly to Tim Townsend.

Tim Townsend
Sight & Sound Solutions of Waukesha
(414) 426-1208

Make sure you mention the “GAB PROMOTION” so you can receive the all the benefits of this promotion and that Tom know to earmark the $100.00 donation to GAB in your name.

Already have ATT DirecTV? You can also refer a friend to Tim at Sight & Sound Solutions of Waukesha for the same promotional benefits and the same $100.00 donation to GAB. You can choose the donation be made in your name or the name of your friend.

Thank you so much for your considering the services switch to help GAB and of course to Tim Townsend of Sight & Sound Solutions of Waukesha for his hard work and generosity in an effort to make GAB more visible and stronger throughout the State of Wisconsin.

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